Wealth Management

Your Life Will Take Many Twists And Turns

From building your financial foundation to making informed decisions that turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality, Keeler & Nadler can help you plan for the future with our wealth management services.

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Retirement Planning

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Investment Management

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Tax Planning

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Trust & Estate Planning

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College/Higher Education Planning

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Executive Compensation & Benefits Planning

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Business Consulting

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Insurance And Risk Management

Retirement Planning

You have worked hard, saved well, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of that labor. Retirement planning with Keeler & Nadler will help you design a retirement income strategy that maximizes income, minimizes taxes, and allows you to live out your retirement without worrying about finances.


No definition of retirement is the same. We want to help you determine what retirement means for you and your family. Our goal is to get you to a place of financial independence so that you can make decisions not because of money but because it is how you want to spend your time.


A sound investment strategy is built from your unique financial plan, not the other way around. Once we know where we’re headed, we can design an investment strategy to get you there. Our evidence-based approach to investment management is one of discipline and care. We aim to balance implementing time-tested strategies while keeping up with an ever-changing world.



  • Design investment portfolios specific to your unique situations
  • Well diversified investments without unnecessary costs
  • Educate you on how you are invested and why

Tax Planning

Taxes are a common thread that weaves across all areas of your wealth. Without considering the tax consequences of our decisions, we can subject ourselves to unnecessary amounts of taxes today and throughout retirement.


  • Minimize the taxes you pay today and in the future
  • Determine the optimal places to save for retirement
  • Analyze how to draw income in retirement in the most tax-efficient way possible
  • Regularly run income tax projections to identify year-end strategies
  • Monitor investments to capitalize on tax-saving opportunities

Trust & Estate Planning

Creating a financial legacy doesn’t stop with increasing your net worth. Protecting your family from hardships and transferring wealth on your terms is the foundation of a sound estate plan. A financial legacy isn’t just for the old or wealthy elite. Every family needs to understand how estate planning works and how to put a plan in place.



  • Identify areas of risk in your estate plan
  • Coordinate with your family’s attorney to implement your plan
  • Help you evolve your plan as your family evolves

College/Higher Education Planning

Funding your child’s education can be a daunting task. We come alongside you and develop goals and strategies that match your family’s values. We also help you plan with the student to understand the financial repercussions of education decisions and walk through the college funding experience together.


  • Education funding strategies
  • Goals and expectations setting
  • Student education on college funding and student loans
  • Financial aid, school application, and selection consulting
  • Student loan repayment plans and strategy

Executive Compensation & Benefits Planning

Business executives, directors, and managers have enough responsibility on their shoulders; understanding complex benefits packages, stock options, and handling them doesn’t need to be one of them. Let our expert advisors help you make sense of all the moving parts and develop a strategy to manage your advanced compensation.



  • Analyze compensation package and stock options
  • Develop a strategy that minimizes taxes and helps achieve your long-term goals
  • Plan or negotiate compensation structures that benefit you
  • Coordinate with HR to implement strategies

Business Consulting

For many business owners, their business is like a family to them. That’s why your business strategy and personal wealth strategy should not be separate. Being a business owner has its own set of challenges and some very impactful wealth-building opportunities.


  • Business structure and tax planning
  • Tax management and wealth building through business retirement plans
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Personal liability mitigation

Insurance And Risk Management

Protecting yourself financially is the foundation of a good financial plan. Selecting the appropriate insurance for your family should be specific to your needs and goals, not about selling an expensive product.



  • Life insurance needs assessment
  • Disability insurance analysis
  • Group/Work-based benefits review
  • Long-Term Care needs
  • Property and Casualty insurance review and analysis